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When looking for custom shed builders you need a team that can provide quality Chattanooga Sheds at an affordable rate. That is why you need Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN today! Call us today and ask how you can purchase a reliable yet affordable custom shed that will best fit your needs.

Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN

Welcome to Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN! We are your local company providing locally made Chattanooga storage sheds that our customers have relied on for years.

Our mission is to bring quality service and products in a consistent fashion to every last customer that comes to us in need of a storage solution problem. We not only provide quality that lasts, but our products are affordable sheds Chattanooga residents have loved since we began our work.

As you begin your search for the best local Chattanooga shed builders you may find you have questions you need to be answered before you can make the best choice for your needs.

You may have questions like are there any shed makers near me, who are the best custom shed builders near me, or who are the highest quality shed builders near me?

Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN is proud to offer answers to these questions and so much more. We offer a wide variety of services making sure all of your portable buildings in Chattanooga needs are met.

So call us today and ask how we can best serve you. Together, we will create a product you can utilize and enjoy for years to come.

About Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN

Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN has served the local area by providing only the best local shed builders and custom sheds Chattanooga residents love!

Our focus is on you as the customer. We strive to provide the best customer service in the area. One way we can better serve our customers is by providing solutions to as many needs for storage buildings Chattanooga residents could possibly have.

Offering the services we do makes it convenient for our customers. We believe by offering the number of services we do, this will save our customers time and money by only ever needing to visit one location.

We offer services ranging from storage sheds to mini cabins, animal housing, playhouses for children, and a variety of styles to choose from.

So if you want a convenient company that offers both quality service and a wide range of services for your needs then you need Storage Shed Chattanooga TN today!

Why Choose Us?

Our company only hires the very best shed builders to make sure our storage buildings in Chattanooga are always the very best in the business.

Our company has always focused on customer service and quality first. We guarantee consistency in our work, that you will receive the same service and quality any other customer would receive.

We do this by building the foundation of our company around three core values. These values are a way for us to check our service and know that each shed builder that is out on a project is delivering our famous service.

These values are:

  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Self-Discipline

Consistency is an important value for any company. But we find it especially important when it comes to a company that has a construction as part of their services. We need our customers to both know and trust that when we build a large structure for them that will house their belongings, family, or pets that the structure will be sturdy and secure.

Dedication is a relevant value for anyone building a career. This value does not just pertain to a shed builder from Chattanooga. Dedication means putting our all into every project as though it were being built in our very own backyard. Dedication is another way to provide consistency in the quality of our work because we both love and are dedicated to what we do every day.

Self-discipline can be an important value for anyone at any time. But it is especially important to those in the work field. Self-discipline can be important for many reasons. Just to name a couple can be as simple as remaining disciplined enough to show up to work on time every day, showing up to appointments on time, or working hard on your own when there may not be an immediate supervisor nearby.

These values create consistency and a positive work environment for all who work for us and all of our customers that choose to make a purchase from our company. If you would like to experience this fantastic quality for yourself then give us a call today!

What To Expect?

When you purchase any product from Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN, you can always expect a quality that will last and be well worth the financial investment.

The first step in your search for sheds in Chattanooga process is to decide what your exact needs are. What are you storing and why? How much room are you planning on needing? Are you planning on housing an animal, or using this for another purpose entirely?

Next, you will want to contact one of our Chattanooga shed builders with our company. We can discuss options to customize your shed in various ways. Is there a certain style shed you are looking for, or perhaps you are more focused on the look of doors and windows?

If you are struggling to decide exactly which type of shed or size would best fit your needs we are happy to offer opinions and show you examples and samples. These can be samples of materials or even past projects of sheds Chattanooga residents have purchased in the past.

After your purchase, we will soon be at your home ready to build your new shed. Depending on the project the time may fluctuate, but we will complete your project in a timely manner. Soon you will be utilizing and enjoying your new shed!

sheds in chattanooga

Shed Styles

chattanooga sheds barn style sheds

Barn Style Sheds

Barn style sheds are a wonderful storage option that also offers a common and recognizable look. Barn-style sheds have a double-pitched roof also known as a gambrel roof. These sheds are great for storing farm-related items and other garden tools such as a lawnmower.

chattanooga storage sheds gable style sheds

Gable Style Sheds

Gable style sheds are another common look for a storage shed. This very simple roof design can complement almost any style of home due to its roof slope. It can also offer a nice headspace making it even easier to store your excess items.

chattanooga shed builder hip style sheds

Hip Style Sheds

Hip style sheds are a fantastic choice for a shed if you want it to be pleasing to the eye and compliment your home or garden. Hip style sheds have four sides to their roof which come together to form a perfect peak. These perfectly symmetrical sheds provide a wonderful way to store your belongings all while attracting the attention of your guests.

chattanooga portable buildings metal sheds

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are a financially wonderful choice as they can cost much less than other style sheds. Metal sheds provide excellent protection from extreme outdoor conditions. They are also very low maintenance. So if you want an affordable yet durable solution to your storage needs calls us for the best metal sheds Chattanooga can offer today!

chattanooga affordable sheds & mini cabins

Mini Cabins

Whether you are an outdoors enthusiast or looking for some extra sleeping room at your lake cabin, our mini cabins are an exceptional solution to your needs. Mini cabins can comfortably sleep up to four people and can even provide power to those using them.

chattanooga affordable sheds & dog kennels

Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels are a great solution for giving you and your pet the ability to remain outdoors for a time, but still, be comfortable and protected from extreme weather conditions. With four walls and a roof on one side, and a small fenced-in area to enjoy the outdoors, our dog kennels give your furry friend the opportunity to choose between an indoor and outdoor setting at their leisure.

chattanooga custom sheds & chicken coops

Chicken Coops

Having the right chicken coop for the job can absolutely ease some burdens in your day. With the ability to customize your chicken coop in various ways, you can make cleaning your coop and caring for your chickens a less strenuous task. So call us today and ask about our chicken coops service.

chattanooga storage buildings & utility sheds

Utility Sheds

When you simply run out of room for excess belongings in your home or your garage, you may face throwing away your items or living with far too much clutter. Our team is here to offer a better solution with our utility sheds service. Our sheds are perfect for storing extra tools, items for hobbies, and so much more.

chattanooga sheds and playhouses


Need an idea to help your kids enjoy the backyard a little more? Then consider our playhouses as a gift for your children. Our playhouses can provide endless hours of entertainment for your children all while offering the benefit of a safe environment.

chattanooga shed kits

Shed Kits

If you would rather build your shed completely on your own then we have a solution for that too. Our shed kits provide the basic materials you need to build your very own shed! This will protect your belongings from outdoor conditions all with the satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself.

Contact our shed builders for a free estimate on a custom shed

About Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga is a city in southeastern Tennessee. Nearby, you can visit a Civil War battlefield site and the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.

The current unemployment rate is 4.7% while the national average is 3.7%. The current sales tax rate is 9.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Hixson
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  • Collegedale
  • Fort Oglethorpe
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  • Flintstone
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of material will be used for the roof of my shed?

The same quality material used to roof a standard house will be used to roof your shed.

How long should I expect builders to be at my home?

You can expect builders to be at your home around eight hours. This time can fluctuate depending on the size of your shed project.

Is there a difference between a storage shed and a storage building?

There is a difference. The major difference is a storage building will look more like a building and can be used for other purposes requiring more space. A storage shed looks more like a shed.


I am so excited to say that my husband and I just purchased a playhouse for our kids. They love playing in it and have even been asked to bring sleeping bags to camp in it at night. The quality is amazing and I could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you guys for all of your hard work it looks great!

Amy B.


These guys have such a positive work environment it makes the process so much easier when trying to find the best shed. Everyone is so polite, friendly, and more than willing to help. I was so excited when I went in I planned on originally only buying a shed for my garden tools, but ended up purchasing a playhouse for my kids as well and they love it! This is a great company all around. I highly recommend them.

Susan G.


I had no idea that sheds could be so versatile. I originally went to Storage Sheds Chattanooga TN asking for a place to store my extra tools for the job I do from home. By the time I left, I had purchased a building that not only stored my tools but I can actually work in it too with room to spare! I’m so glad I came to you guys for help, my work is so much easier now. Thank you!

Devon L.

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The reason for your visit may vary but our service will always stay the same! Friendly customer service, quality work ethics, and the knowledge to get your project completed correctly the first time.

Call Storage Sheds Chattanooga today! Together we will begin work on a shed that you will love and be able to utilize for years to come!

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